tree cutting toolsIf gardening is your hobby, you may love to have a kit with all the essential tools. While there are broad types of tools available in the market, we have narrowed down the list with some great tree cutting tools that every landscape gardener should have.

  • Chainsaw: Chainsaw is one tool that can cut through any wood. It has a running chain with sharp teeth. They come in different shapes and sizes, such as semi-chisel and full-chisel. Similarly, their power source may vary, with some being gas-powered, electric, and some are battery operated. You can buy the one that fits you the best.
  • Loppers: Loppers are just like shears and works like a scissor. They are highly effective in cutting down branches. They come with an extended handle making it convenient to cut branches at a height easily.
  • Pole Saws: Pole saws are like a chainsaw with extended handle or pole. With pole saws, you can prune a tree without having to climb it. It has a chainsaw like an attachment at the top of the pole. Standing on the ground, you can prune the top branches of the tree.
  • Shears: Shears are holding tools. They are perfect for pruning plants and leaves of the lower branches. Just like the other gardening tools, sheers come in different sizes and shapes. You can pick one that suits you the best.
  • Pruning Saw: A lightweight tool for cutting down trees and branches. The pruning saw has sharp teeth that can cut the most robust wood. The tool is quite easy to handle and can be used as per the need.

Here’s a buying guide for gardening tools if ever you’re interested to learn more. 

When buying gardening tools, it is essential to invest in quality. Having a quality tool means you can safely work in the garden area. Chain saws and pruning saws can be dangerous to use. So make sure you read through the manufacturer manual and use the tool accordingly.  

Remember that while gardening tools are within easy access for most, tree maintenance services such as tree cutting or tree pruning and removal are best done by professionals so make sure you’re calling your local contractor for help.