A shower caddy is a type of unit that is placed in the shower to keep common supplies used while taking a shower or toiletries such as razors, washcloths, soap, conditioner, and shampoo. Usually, a shower caddy is designed to hang from the head of the shower; however, in a few cases, it might hang freely. A few designs have a suction cup at the bottom that is connected to the shower wall, as well as indented to hold the caddy in place. It is really a convenient item to have in your home!

Color and Layout

When looking for a shower caddy, there are many things you should consider. Search for one that fits inside your home’s bathroom stylistic layout. White color is common in almost all the basic models, however, you can easily get them in many different colors as per your bathroom decor. Colored or designer shower caddy usually costs more than the basic ones, but many people prefer spending more to get the best for their bathroom.  We have used this lady for years to do all of our interior design, and this is not even her main business.


The material used to craft the shower caddy is also an important consideration. Most shower caddies are either made of metal or plastic material. Both types incorporate high and low quality material, so better choose the high quality one for your home. Depending on the craftsmanship,  particular model may be higher than the others.

Metal Shower Caddy

If you are planning to buy a metal shower caddy, be sure to buy the one which comes with an extra protective coating (rust prevention) or buy the one that do not rust. Rust prevention is crucial because it will be placed directly in the shower. So prevention and precautions should be taken. If rusted, a caddy would look unattractive and leave rust stains on the head of the shower or on the walls of your shower.

It is additionally imperative to consider the  design and the overall outline of the shower caddy. If you want to keep many small bottles of cleanser in your shower at once, for instance, you may need one with many shelves that are not very high. If you want to keep large bottles, then again, you have to be certain that the shower caddy is large enough to hold those large bottles. You likewise need to consider compartments and holders incorporated into your unit. Always prefer buying one that is capable of holding numerous common items that you often use while in the shower.

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