tree removalThe cost of removing a tree from your area or property depends on parameters including – location, size, and health of the tree. The more complex a job is the more it will cost. For instance, a tree located near the roadside may be difficult to remove and hence it may cost more to remove it than removing a tree from any other area.

Depending on the contractor you decide to hire for the job, you may have to pay a certain additional fee for:

Stump removal: Most contractors do not include stump removal cost in the price of removing a tree. Unless you pay extra for it, you will be left with a stump. Either you can ask the same contractor to have it removed or hire someone special for this job. Stump removal involves the application of different equipment and therefore you will have to pay for it extra. You can expect to pay somewhere around $60 and $350 for each stump to have removed. A healthy stump is usually difficult to remove and hence costs more.

Tree Trunk Removal: The tree removal contractor will have the tree trunk cut in the smaller sector to make it easier for you to move them elsewhere. You can also pay them extra for hauling them. The fee, however, is not included in tree clearing service.

Travel Expense: In case the tree is located in a remote area, you may have to pay extra for hauling of the tree.

On average it costs somewhere around $150 to $1,500 to have a tree removed or cleared from the property. The total cost includes stump removal and stump grinding costs. One should contact the contractor to know if they also haul the tree limb or will they charge more.

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