The overall beauty of your home is truly dependent on the appeal and upkeep of your shrubs and trees.  Making sure that your shrubs are properly maintained is really as easy as making sure they have enough water, and also providing proper nutrition so that your shrubs grow healthy and vibrant. These types of nutritional supplements can generally be purchased at your local hardware store, or even large retailers like Target and Home Depot. Although it is a small investment to make sure that your shrubs are properly maintained it is well worth it as they will thrive in every season. Your landscape and lawn are so important to the overall look of your home, so even if you have a beautiful home, if your landscape is poor it will bring everything down.

So many people think are you only need to feed your home’s lawn with proper nutrition, but this is just not the case. Your shrubs as well as your trees also need nutritional supplements to grow healthy and maintain a vibrant and beautiful look year-round. The good thing is that shrubs are generally much more durable and much more resistant to difficult conditions, but it is still a good idea to give them some type of nutrition and food for proper growth and good maintenance.

So if your shrubs look brown or unhealthy, it is generally one of two things and that is a lack of water or a lack of nutrition. It might be a good idea to contact a local service company that specializes in landscape or tree service and one of their experts can advise you on exactly what the problem might be. It is really not complicated keep your shrubs looking beautiful year round, as they generally are very durable and do not need a great deal of maintenance and upkeep.

Biggest Threat to Your Shrubs

The biggest threat to shrubs is obviously a lack of proper hydration. So if your home is in an arid climate, you need to make sure that your irrigation system is also watering your shrubs in addition to your lawn. So it is a good idea to check your irrigation system on a monthly basis to make sure all of your watering zones are properly positioned and working correctly. If they are not, it is usually a matter of a few small adjustments to make the changes required for the watering to happen correctly.

So in summary the most important things you Consider to Keep your shrubs looking great are as follows:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Proper hydration
  • Adequate sunlight
  • Correct trimming techniques

If these four factors are achieved you will have a beautiful and vibrant shrubs year-round that will really require very little maintenance and upkeep.

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