Sisal is a kind of natural fiber produced from the Agave Sisalana plant’s leaves. This plant is native to central America and is cultivated only for its leaves; to collect the leaves inside. Sisal is versatile, flexible, and strong. Due to this, it is used to make numerous items and one of them are rugs. One needs to clean such type of rugs and carpets with care so that the surface will stay stain free and prevent from shrinkage.

Humidity and Moisture

Humidity and moisture can be irksome on sisal, just as it is on your fiber carpets. Due to this, it is suggested to lay it down in a dry place so that it won’t be susceptible to spills. It is crucial to remember when cleaning a sisal rug, as well, to not use a lot of soap or liquid to clean it. Otherwise, it will distort or shrink. Additionally, the infiltrating liquid will uplift dirt to the surface of the rug, causing a bigger stain. Consider buying a synthetic fiber if you want to place your rug in a high traffic area, because cleaning synthetic fiber is not very challenging. For sisal rug as well as carpet cleaning Daytona Beach, this is the company that we recommend.  They have always done a good job, and their pricing is affordable.