Marble TableMarble dining tables are definitely beautiful and would complement any home interior perfectly. However, as durable as marble materials are, it not exactly easy to maintain. It takes quite a bit of effort compared to just using a glass table. But if cared for properly, expect your marble table to look as pretty as it was the first time you got it.

If you choose to have a marble dining table at home, it would be best if you know about the proper ways to care for it and maintain its beauty. Read on for some tips in maintaining your dining table made of marble.

1. Use place mats and coasters.
Marble is durable but not indestructible. It can easily get etch marks and scratches, and even if you reseal it, these damages would still be obvious. While you probably wouldn’t want to use a table cover because that will just conceal the marble table’s beauty, you can use place mats and coasters instead.

2. Wipe dirt and spills off immediately.
Don’t let water circles and other spills on your marble table sit for a long time. Just clean these off immediately the moment you see them. If you don’t do this, discoloration and permanent stains may damage your beautiful marble table.

3. Use recommended cleaning materials only.
As much as possible, it is ideal to use warm water when cleaning marble dining tables. Just use a clean soft cloth, and make sure to wipe it off dry afterwards. Every few months or so, you can use mild soap to clean your marble table. Don’t scrub it because that may damage its surface.

4. Reseal your marble table, if necessary.
There are some marble dining tables that no longer require resealing. When buying your new marble table, make sure to ask the contractor whether that type of marble needs to be resealed. If so, this is ideally done once a year.

With proper maintenance, it is very much worth it to use marble for your tabletops. Its class and elegance will never fade, and it will never go out of style.

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